Zo mooi: deze vrouw maakt echte kunstwerkjes van striemen


Die ‘tijgerstrepen’ op onze billen of buik, soms vervloeken we ze… Maar deze kunstenares ziet dat anders.  Ze maakte er kleine, kleurrijke kunstwerkjes van die elke vrouw wel kan appreciëren.


ALL BODIES ARE VALID 💜 Observe them, read them, discover them, love them. Stretch marks. From a young age, we are taught to hate everything about our bodies and are constantly being pushed to erase everything that is not “normal”: blemishes, freckles, hairs and a long list of other things… including stretch marks. Stretch marks are marks that many of us have on our skin. I spent years hating them and trying to find a way to erase them, until I realised that if I didn’t accept them, I wasn’t accepting myself. In recent years I have started working on self-love and on accepting and seeing everything my body is made up of. To embrace all of this is to embrace your roots, accept every part of your body and ultimately, embrace yourself. Stretchmarks are a part of our essence, our moments, our lives, our stories and of ourselves. They are so beautiful that I can’t understand how we are convinced to hate them. Looking at them is therapeutic. Don’t let anyone mess with everything you have and everything you are. Loving oneself is a revolutionary act. With love, Cinta.

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Stretch marks are in different parts of our bodies. More self-love 💛💚💙💜💖

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