Vrouwen van 50: schoonheid van over de hele wereld

Vrouwen van 50: schoonheid van over de hele wereld

Op schoonheid staat geen leeftijd en het is al zeker niet gebonden aan landsgrenzen. Het schoonheidsgeheim van deze gewone vrouwen van vijftig over de hele wereld? Simpel: veel liefde en veel lachen!


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She has been my pillar of support till date and i know she will continue to stand by me forever. Her love is something, that i am blessed with. A mom is the only Lady who can wake up at 4am n prepare breakfast for me, so i dont start my mrng with a empty stomach.. She has the patience to call me a zillion times. Just to know i have eaten on time or reached safely.. She is at peace when she hears my voice. No matter how grown up i be, I ll still be a tiny kid to her. She is my daily dose of unconditional love. Something that makes me, who i am. Always supported me with my coaching career. Let me follow my passion ⚽stood by me for good n bad times.. Made sure she was there in my bad times. Been a friend to me more than a mother, as i grew up. I could never repay her for all that she has done. Just be eternally grateful for all that she has done. Wishing u happy birthday Mommy you are one of the sweetest thing ever to happen to me.. Love u loads. She just gets cuter day by day. #happybirthdaymom #50birthday #mymommyrocks

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happy birthday to my love #mom #50yo #stillpretty #mylove

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